Microdermabrasion Aftercare

1.     Sunscreen, sunscreen, sunscreen!

Probably the most important tip I can give you post microdermabrasion is to make sure you’re applying SPF daily – and enough of it!

3-5 days post microdermabrasion your skin is more prone to sun damage and sun-ageing than a normal day. In this time make sure you’re not planning to spend any time out in the sun and please ensure you apply sunscreen every day and reapply every 3 hours to ensure you’re getting the most out of your treatments and receive the results you’re after.

2.     No Exfoliating for 5-7 days

Microdermabrasion has removed all the dead skin cells from your skin, so if you use an at home exfoliant on your already fresh skin, chances are your going to strip your skin of its natural healthy barrier and cause sensitive, raw skin that will probably be painful and sore. This includes ensuring you use no AHA or BHA chemical exfoliant products for this time.

3.     Minimise other active products for 2-3 days

Especially vitamin A and C products. Both can be quite irritating on freshly exfoliated skin for 2-3 days. During this time ensure you use gentle and hydrating products on your fresh skin.

4.     Use more moisturiser than usual

You’ll leave your appointment with beautifully soft and hydrated skin – so you’ll want to keep it that way by maintaining moisture levels at home during the healing process. It’s normal sometimes in the 5-7 days post Microdermabrasion to flake or peel a tiny bit so to avoid that as much as possible, try to use more moisturiser at night, in the morning and throughout the day as you feel is needed.

5.     No sweaty exercise for 12 hours

Your skin will be more sensitive than usual in this time and whilst it is healing you want to avoid any excess sweating as to avoid unnecessary irritation and breakouts.

6.     NO picking your skin!

As mentioned in #4, it is normal for your skin to flake or peel a little bit in the days post microdermabrasion. It is extremely important not to pick or peel your skin off. This trauma can cause hyperpigmentation which is extremely hard to reverse. Same goes for any pesky breakouts that may surface after a microdermabrasion, these spots may have been lurking under the skins surface waiting to break out, and if they do, DO NOT POP OR PICK THEM. We want to avoid scarring, not make it.